Andy Defrancesco Frequently Asked Questions

What industries has Andy Defrancesco worked in?

    • Trader turned banker turned PM but always a entrepreneurial financier
      • Founder / Chairman and CEO of Dalradian Mining – Initial Investment of $3.8m in 2008
        • IPO in 2010 on TSX
        • Sold in 2018 for $500 million
    • Oil and Gas in US Shales and Colombia

      • Epsilon Energy as advisor
      • Delavaco Energy Founder and Chairman in 2007 // $42m investment // Sold 23 months later for $102 million
      • Founder Chairman P1 Energy
      • Founder Chairman APO energy // Sold to Parex Energy
    • Quick Serve Restaurants / hospitality and Retail

      • Jamba Juice Financing turn around
      • American Apparel turn around
      • Kahala Brands turnaround
      • Cold Stone Creamery / Pinkberry / Blimpie Subs
      • STK Restaurants
    • Cannabis

      • Aphria – Founding partner / Investor
      • Liberty Health – Founder
      • Scythian Biosciences – take over of management and board and restructured

Other Industries

  • ESports / EGaming / Sports Betting
  • Digital Media

How much total capital has Andy Defrancesco raised?

It’s estimated that Andy Defrancesco has raised more than $3 Billion dollars in capital during his career.

How Much Growth Has Andy Defrancesco Brought to Companies?

      • Dalradian $100m total investment to sale of approx. $530m
      • APO/P1 merged and sold to Parex Energy – according to Andrew Defrancesco it was his biggest miss.
      • Kahala turnaround and sale to MTY Foods
      • Aphria – initial price 60c – to $24
      • market value $40m to almost $5bb
      • Liberty Health – $36m to $175m

How Many Companies Has Andrew Defrancesco Been a C-level executive for?

He considers himself a terrible CEO due to a severe case of ADD, but has been Chairman or Exec Chair many times.

How Many Companies Has Andrew Defrancesco Taken Public?

He has worked on over 50 RTO ‘S or IPO’s

What Companies did Andy Defrancesco Found

      • Delavaco Energy – Founder & Chair
      • Delavaco Holdings, Inc – former ceo
      • APO Energy / P1 Energy (merged and sold to Parex
      • Delavaco Properties LP – Co Founder
      • Dalradian Resources, Inc. – Co Founder / Chair
      • Aphria – Founding Investor
      • Liberty Health Sciences
      • Millennial ESports – Co Founder

What Company is Andy Defrancesco currently the CEO?

Andy Defrancesco is currently the Chairman and CIO of Sol Global Investments.

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Why Aphria Stock Rose 2.4% Last Week?

Aphria’s stock is going in the right direction- heading up. Last week, it rises 2.4% showing that investors have a positive outlook toward Aphria’s shares. In fact, Aphria has dominated the cannabis sector last week. It is a huge accomplishment for the company considering that in the last quarter of last year, Aphria faced a major setback after a short-seller report accused Aphria of making worthless acquisitions. Not to mention, there are other internal problems that dramatically affect the company’s position in the industry – major management shake-up and hostile takeover bid. Good thing these issues are all resolved and that Aphria is now heading to the right directions.

Reasons why Aphria Stock is Rising

  1. Acquisitions are paying off – The end of last year was not good for Aphria. It put the company in a bad rap after short-sellers accused Aphria of paying a large amount of money for nothing. Investigating bodies were created and showed that the accusation was not true at all. This year, two of Aphria’s acquisitions have been paying off. As a matter of fact, Aphria’s revenue has grown tremendously. In the most recent quarter, Aphria’s revenue has ballooned to 600%. The growth in revenue is linked with Aphria’s subsidiaries ABP and CC Pharma. It only goes to show that Aphria’s acquisitions are a smart move. It resulted in an increase in sales, which contradicts to the accusation that the company is paying money for nothing.
  2. Analysts’ positive outlook – Experts have a positive outlook on Aphria’s stock. Majority of the analysts have positive feedback on Aphria, which is a major improvement when compared with their assessment last year. The consensus target price for Aphria shares is $14.75. That almost doubles the stock’s current price.
  3. Aphria remains to be one of the cheapest weed stocks – The price of Aphria’s stock is probably one of the reasons why investors have a positive outlook about it. Its price to sale ratio is 16.98. its current price to book ratio is 1.22, which makes it one of the cheapest weed stocks considering the fact that Aphria is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world.

aphria stock rising

Aphria has come a long way since it started in the cannabis business. It was just a small company in Canada but with the company’s management, effort, dedication, and commitment to make it big in the business, it is now one of the highly reputable cannabis companies in the world. Cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17 and Aphria has paved a way for a cannabis business to boom.

Throughout the years, it has set milestones that resulted in a game-changing deal with the Ontario government. If you are someone who wants to be a part of the growing cannabis business, then you should consider adding Aphria to your portfolio. It will surely benefit not only the professional investors but the novice too.

The road is narrow and long but one thing is for sure though, Aphria is moving in the right direction. The current management has learned a lot from the previous decisions that jeopardized the growth of the company. Today, Aphria is on the move and the rise in stock value only goes to show that the company’s efforts are finally paying off. For investors, this is a go signal – indicating that now is the perfect time to invest in Aphria.

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Andy Defrancesco and Aphria

Andy Defrancesco certainly knows what the market is doing in 2019.

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